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On behalf of the entire Rock Production staff, I would like to extend my most heart-felt welcome and gratitude to our valued viewers, sponsors and clients, both Cambodian and international alike, for visiting our newly launched website.

Founded in 2007 with a vision of contributing to preservation, improvement and globalization of the exquisite Khmer culture through arts and music, we, at Rock Production, have been providing grand opportunities for the Cambodian youth of artistic talents to explore and develop their careers in the field of media entertainment.

During the past two years, we have managed to search the most talented youth in music composing, lyric writing and singing, introducing 24 outstanding singers to the Cambodian music industry.Equipped with the most up-to-date, sophisticated audio and video production equipment, we have also successfully produced a number of Khmer TV dramas for the Cambodian Television Network (CTN), each hailed with explosive popularity in Cambodia, while producing audio CDs and music VCDs for the South-East Asian regional market.

The year of 2009 marks an exciting development and advancement of the Rock Production. By recruiting a new managing director with extended experience in media contents industry from Europe and Asia, we have recently launched a Division of International Media Development and Production with an ambition to produce global version of TV documentary and commercial feature films targeting public and educational broadcasters as well as cinemas around the world.

The Rock Production's ultimate mission is to promote the rich Khmer culture as a whole among the citizens around the globe through music contents and films based on ancient and modern Khmer history, society, tradition and arts. As a socially conscious media company of political impartiality, the Rock Production will also do its utmost to practice all its businesses with integrity and fairness for the development of the media contents industry in Cambodia.

With confidence in the value and power of the Khmer culture contents in the international market, I anticipate your continuous interest in and support to the Rock Production.

Thank you very much!

Lok Oknha Kith Theing
Founder and Chairman
The Rock Production Co., Ltd

  • Our Company


“Rock Production - WE MAKE YOU BRIGHT”


  • The Best Khmer-Origin Media contents shared
  • To foster greater understandings for the rich Khmer History and traditions and positive Khmer national image among the global citizens.
  • Professional production team work
  • Professional marketing team work
  • Professional advertising strategy


  • To produce quality entertainment and media products.
  • To develop oversea markets for Khmer media contents
  • To foster pride, confidence and high self-esteem for staffs
  • Building the strong basic resources of marketing team that can persuade clients to buy our services and products
  • Having good relationship with other companies by joining the social parties and program-Build PR-public relation and network marketing
  • Building brand awareness in the public that Rock Production is more than film producer.
  • Advertising ourselves and sales ourselves to the public by trying to see the new entry market in Cambodia
  • Building effective and professional producer team work- Be on time! Be on sales!
  • Sale our film to all cinemas in Cambodia

Key to success

  • Commitment for strong effective team work
  • Advertise ourselves to the public especially the top and most popular companies
  • Strongly provide best quality of service and products to client to build customer satisfaction
  • Maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control
  • Effective sales and marketing to hit the right targeted customers
  • Increasing sale force to increase revenue monthly

The key element of the spot

  • Branding our Rock Production: advertising ourselves to the public who we are? What we are providing?
  • Be unique: providing good quality with the most affordable cost
  • Concept: Be the top media production in Cambodia


We keep the idea of producing the best quality of services and products especially, film production. We prefer simple solutions that are clear to our clients and help achieve their goals. By staying true to that concepts in whatever we do, we propagate minimalism and functionality as the aesthetics of our time.

  • Our Team

We are highly performing follow the theme word “GREAT”
G - Gorgeous Planning
R - Reliable Organizing
E - Effective Teamwork
A - Affordable Budget
T - Transforming Your Breaking Point-TARGET
We are strongly standing on our slogan “We Make You Bright”